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Having at least 25 years of experience in the film industry (my IMDB page has over 150 credits) I have shot  several feature films and have been the cinematographer in dozens of documentaries, music videos, EPKs, infomercials, as well as commercials. I also have worked as lighting designer in a number of  TV shows. 


Prior to becoming a DP,  I worked as a gaffer in a great number of features including a film directed by Al Pacino's (Wilde Salome) and a film (Turbulence/Estorvo) that was selected for Palm D'or at the main competition in the Cannes Film festival. I am also a four time Emmy Award winner.


In addition, I have done lighting design for theater, like the show Corpus Delict presented at the Disney Hall and given lighting workshops at UC Berkeley. 

Besides my experience I bring to the set a strong work ethic and the uttermost respect for the artistic vision of the Director while having the utmost respect for both the schedule and the budget.



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Los Angeles, California

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